Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to announce that the International Cell Senescence Association 2020 Conference (ICSA2020) will be held on November 2–5, 2020, in Osaka, Japan. We are delighted to welcome you to the attractive city of Osaka.

Osaka, the second biggest commercial center of Japan, is located at the approximate center of Japan, and very close to the ancient capitals of Japan, Kyoto, and Nara. Osaka is also very famous for great food, interesting culture, and wonderful people. So, we are sure that you will enjoy Osaka. But, in addition to such entertainments, there are many internationally recognized research institutions in Osaka and nearby cities. These excellent academic institutions, together with a number of corporate research institutes, also make Osaka as a suitable place for knowledge exchange and networking towards development of new aspects of cellular senescence research.

Similar to the previous ICSA conferences, ICSA 2020 conference aims to bring together young and senior scientists as well as clinicians worldwide, regardless of academic and age barriers, and to enjoy an academic as well as casual conversation.
The scientific program will consist of keynote lectures, plenary talks, short talks (from abstract) and poster presentations on remarkable developments on all aspects of "cellular senescence".

The local organizing committee is working to make the ICSA 2020 conference in Osaka a memorable meeting, both scientifically and socially. Please mark your calendar to participate in this excellent meeting, which will involve good scientific discussions and provide exciting environments.

I look forward to seeing you in Osaka.

Eiji Hara, Ph.D.
ICSA2020 conference